2022 tax advice: How to get child tax credit cash, charitable deductions and free help

Many words could be used to describe the outlook for the 2022 tax season ranging from milquetoast terms, like challenging or problematic, all the way to more honest forecasts, such as one horrific tax headache on the horizon.

The Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting and processing federal income tax returns on Monday. Theoretically, the earlier you file, the earlier you get any tax refund that you’re owed. This year, though, it’s essential that parents brush up on some new requirements involving the advance child tax credit and make absolutely sure you have the correct facts and figures to file an accurate return. Plug in the wrong number and you’re going to face ungodly delays.

This tax season, we’re looking at some key differences relating to how jobless benefits will be treated compared with the 2020 returns, the return of the Recovery Rebate Credit, a special break for charitable contributions and more. The filing deadline remains months away but it’s never too early to gather your paperwork, focus on some of your tax challenges and prepare to get the job done.